MID400 Line Sensor

So sorry about the long break in updating!

I’ve had a go at implementing the MID400 Line Voltage Sensor from Fairchild Semiconductor. The chip works as expected and really requires a minimal implementation. Basically I’d imagine three of these chips on the final board that will detect AC line levels from the main switches within Silvia. I’d imagine that in the final implementation, I’ll have ganged the output from each of the Quick Connect tabs so that we don’t have to worry about rewiring etc. (i.e., I’ll make a Male-Female-Female gang with the second Female tail connecting to the Duetto via a Quick Connect tab).

I suppose now the following pieces are outstanding: a plastic case / shell for the display, schematizing the final board, and finishing up the first major revision of the Duetto Firmware.

I’m really wrestling with how to implement an effective PID algorithm based on an input in one unit (in this case degrees Centigrade) and outputing a control value in a different unit (in this case, PWM value based on 15.625 kHz). So if anyone has any ideas – feel free to comment below!

This upcoming month is crazy for me with school, so it might very well take me a while before I’m able to dedicate any time to the Duetto project. Hang tight! I’m on it!

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  1. Super interesting project.
    While the display looks neat, it is fairly price. Maybe a Nokia display clone (RGB, individual pixels = graph) as alternative.

    Maybe you should post your progress on Coffeegeek, or link.

    1. Thanks Patrick!

      I’ll feel more confident posting the project out there a bit more once I’ve finalized a design. I like the idea of a Nokia display clone, but it’s not something I’d want to implement immediately. I’m contemplating even allowing the display module to be detachable for a more minimalistic approach.



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