2 Replies to “CREMA – A Demonstration”

  1. Hey josh what a great project, I’m keen to look at implementing your system in my new silvia when I get it soon, what do you expect the total cost of all the parts would be ??

    1. Hey Phill!

      Thanks for your interest in the project. I’ve spent a lot more than the original BOM (bill of materials) would be simply because of all the prototyping I’ve done. However I would estimate a true BOM close to $100. This is just for the cost of the board and display module. Including the Arduino, PT100, etc., you could probably estimate a cost closer to $200. Having said that, you do not need to use the display module I used, nor do you have to use the same high-grade chips / components. The costs really can come down.

      In the near future I’ll sit down and work out a BOM as I’ve done it up.



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